graham-goodRecent work is posted on Instagram at grahamgood6
My next show is part of the Westside Artwalk on May 25th-26th 2024, 11am to 5pm for full details of the Artwalk see

I paint and draw portraits, figures, still life, and landscape. My approach is exploratory, trying various ways to represent the object (a face, a body, a tree, a flower) using various media (ink, conté, graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil, pastel, and watercolour). Each new motif can suggest a new choice of materials and a new approach to making the image. Insights into the visual field can trigger discoveries about the technical possibilities of materials, and vice versa.

My landscape imagery is taken mainly from the Vancouver area, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gulf Islands, especially trees, driftwood, and rocks. My portrait and figure drawing and painting aim at emotive expression through suggestive form. With portraiture, I explore each face as a meeting of physical shapes and emotional implications. With the figure, whether captured on the street or in the studio, I aim to capture the drama of each pose, and emphasize what to me is its most expressive feature or aspect. With still life, flowers are a favourite subject, but teapots, wine glasses, and fruit are also included — and even a few cars I have owned!

Painting and drawing have been passions since teenage years, pursued more intensively in the last two decades, especially since my retirement from teaching English at UBC. Over the years I have taken painting and drawing classes at Emily Carr, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Vancouver Art Academy. I am an active member of the Federation and was for over ten years a member of the Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Society. I have given creativity retreats at the Atlin Centre for the Arts and in the UK. Literature and poetry are also lifetime pursuits: as well as critical articles and books, I have published verse translations of “Rilke’s Late Poetry” and of “Goethe’s Poems”: both books are available from Ronsdale Press, Vancouver: www.ronsdalepress.com

About the pictures: Dimensions (framed) are mostly 14×16, 14×14, or 16×12 inches, including grey or black mats about 2 inches wide, except for some life drawings which are larger, up to 18x 24 inches unframed. Supports: watercolours are on Arches 140lb watercolour paper, and drawings on grey, tan, or white drawing paper. For more information on individual pictures, including pricing, please contact the artist at ggood@telus.net